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Our inclusion policy

As far as is practicable, we aim to ensure that the whole of this website is accessible to all, regardless of auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, and visual impairment.

Consequently, we aim to ensure that the site will work efficiently with assistive technologies such as Voiceover and the JAWS screen reader.

We are aware, however, that we lack the expertise to thoroughly check the whole website and we will almost certainly have made mistakes. Where we have fallen short of our ideals, please contact us. We can only put our faults right if we are aware of them.

No attempt has been made to prevent readers from enlarging or reducing the size of text on this site. Users of Safari on OS X can, for example, enlarge the website by pressing + and reduce it by pressing -. Users of Firefox on Windows can achieve the same result by pressing Ctrl + or Ctrl -.

Every image used on this site ought to be accompanied by appropriate, explanatory alternative text.

The different parts of each webpage ought to be meaningfully signalled to browsers. This should help readers with, for example, visual impairments, to quickly identify the navigation, main content and complementary text on any given page.

We know that the audio files in our podcasts section are, by their very nature, inaccessible to some people with hearing difficulties and we must for now beg your forgiveness. In the future, we would love to be able to post transcripts of sermons to accompany these files.

Once again, please do let us know if you have difficulty with this site.